History Of The Republic Of Ireland Bodybuilding Foundation

The Republic of Ireland Bodybuilding Federation (RIBBF) was founded in 1981, its existence came about through the serious lack of representation of Irish athletes at International events both on a competitive level and an official level. The RIBBF is affiliated to the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB), which is the 5th largest sports organisation in the world with 173 member nations. The IFBB is the only governing body for the sport of bodybuilding to be provisionally recognised by the International Olympic Committee, and is currently one of the main sports in the International World Games. The IFBB was founded in 1946 by brothers Joe and Ben Weider, Ben Weider went on to be nominated for the Nobel Peace prize for his work through the medium of bodybuilding.

Participation In Events

There are two annual regional contests each year, The South West Championships, which includes all counties within Connacht and Munster,and the North East Championships, which includes all counties within Leinster and Ulster. The top three competitors from each class qualify for the National Championships of that year. Class winners of the National Championships qualify for the European and World Championships. The international men’s team is made up of seven athletes, who qualify through the National Championships. The RIBBF has two European Gold medallists to date, John Carroll, Bray, Co. Wicklow and Jim Butler Limerick. There is also one IFBB Professional bodybuilder Sean Bullman, Limerick.

RIBBF Finance

The RIBBF is self-financed through profits made from contests held throughout the year i.e. Two Regional National Qualifiers and the National Championships, sponsors of these events help increase the RIBBF funds. These funds are then used to send the National team to the European and World Championships each year and to host the three contests throughout the year.

Ribbf Committee

RIBBF Committee

RIBBF Committee

President: Mick Bullman
Secretary: Sean Bullman
Head Judge: Tara Carroll

Bodybuilding Representatives

Limerick Reps: Sean Bullman, John Carroll
North East Rep: Noel McPartlin
South West Rep: Eddie Walsh